In search of story

Disconnections: June 29.18


My first-ever hydrangea

glows like dawn

with bashful blush

old-timey charm,

a stranger to me

and I to it

each to the other


The first year is cautious

not my garden yet

we come to acquaintance

in slow etiquette:

gardeners must


while gardens the gardener



4 thoughts on “Disconnections: June 29.18

  1. Ah, one of my absolute favorite plants. I have too many to count, and I when they bloom it is like a friend visiting. You will enjoy your new acquaintance.

  2. Yes, they do seem heat-sensitive. There are two on the side of the house; the one that gets more sun wilts easily when the heat is bad, but it has better flowering. The one that looks healthier and doesn’t wilt so easily also has fewer blooms, and the blooms it has are deep inside the bush and barely show. Why would that be? Do you think it was cut back wrong at the end of last season? And you fertilize only in the spring?

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