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Disconnections: June 12.18


Basking in my sunshine

snuggling on my fence

this manic excavator

is pure impertinence

taunting me, Goliath,

feigning innocence

as though his bright-eyed smallness

masked malevolence

but I know his evil habits

— curse his tiny hide! —

he’s only biding time

’til Goliath goes inside.



2 thoughts on “Disconnections: June 12.18

  1. You described it perfectly. I fight the good fight every day. The entire neighborhood has very old oak trees with thousands of acorns – they call this place home and won’t move. I had eleven beautiful strawberry plants that hadn’t gotten into their forever home yet when over the weekend they devoured them. I can’t successfully grow tulips because they dig them up. If there was a support group for those who despise them, I could be on the board of directors.

    • Thank you — I needed that! I definitely vote for you not just to be on the Board but to be CEO. To lose strawberry plants to them would be the worst. I had a small and temporary problem with the little rotters in my old house, but here is very different; it’s Chipmunk Central. I bet there’s a direct line from my neighborhood to yours and they give each other tips on how to plague us.

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