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Disconnections: June 1.18


I still haven’t figured out how to remedy this problem inserting photos in my posts. I haven’t yet turned to the folks at WordPress because I don’t even know how to ask the questions. I am darkly frustrated by the not-knowing.

Usually when I am frustrated I turn to my beloved outlets of baking or gardening or drawing or playing the piano or — I must admit — housecleaning. Doing is the antidote to stewing. But now I have something called CPPD. It goes nicely with my HHT, don’t you think, dear reader? If I live long enough, I’ll be a whole bowl of alphabet soup.

Many old people have CPPD but without symptoms. I have symptoms. To quote myself, PHOO. CPPD is incurable, its damage irreversible. Mine is deemed “erosive” because of the bone damage. How scary is that? Bone erosion? Now I cannot use my hands as I used to. This is as deep a disconnection as I can imagine. My hands have connected me to freshly baked cookies and fresh herbs and Bach Inventions and sketchbooks and fitted sheets tight on the mattress.

Taken with the osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, the CPPD gives me the image of a swarm of microscopic ants with my skeleton the picnic lunch.

When technology beats me up, when I hear of yet another school shooting or another holiday from truth, I want to grab a shovel or a spatula and DO something. Will the ants leave me anything with which to DO?


8 thoughts on “Disconnections: June 1.18

  1. I’m not hitting ‘like’ on this one, dear Maureen, because I don’t like it. I can’t do anything about the alphabet soup, but send me an email and tell me about your WordPress issue. If I can’t help, maybe I can find someone who can. Let’s face it, two of us bloggers solved a huge problem of pages of unwanted code recently just by deleting a Pinterest ‘Pin’.

  2. I don’t like it either. So sorry to hear about the CPPD. I can’t help with that sadly. I googled the picture problem and have come up with one possibility for you to check. If your media library is full, you can’t add any more pictures. To check that, click on My Sites, then Media and in the top right hand corner of your image library it will say (for example), 50% of 3 GB used. If it said 100% of the available amount has been used, that is why you can’t add any more. I would have thought that would trigger some kind of warning, but it makes sense to rule that out first.

  3. I can add a photo to the library and I can insert a photo into the post, but after that nothing works. It’s as though the photo has taken on a new function. Sometimes it shows as a link, which it shouldn’t, and sometimes not. I don’t have the vocabulary to describe it, I fear. Left-clicking makes it scroll, for one thing. Sometimes, not always.

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