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Connections: May 10.18


A gardener’s patience is saintly

trained in Nature’s way

and that’s how on recent occasion

you might have heard me say:

Hey, lazy seeds, what’s your problem?

Where are my beautiful flowers?

You’ve been tucked in and watered

for well over forty-eight hours!



6 thoughts on “Connections: May 10.18

  1. My sweetheart has a tip for getting okra seeds to germinate in 48 hours. The trouble is they then have to be planted in soil quickly or they lose their sense of direction and become feeble. After neglecting two batches, we are just seeing the seeds start to rupture from the third batch, and are determined to get it right this time!

    • Germination in 48 hours! Impressive! Good luck with this third batch — would that be gumbo you’re growing?

      • Neither of us really like okra but the leaves are burgundy – it’s a decorative kind.

      • You know, my first reaction to that quick okra germination was a bit subdued because it would not make the list of my favorite foods, but still the 48 hours is very impressive. A decorative okra is a whole new concept to me — I knew it had to be good for something! I hope to see it in one of your blog posts!

  2. I have a window box of seedlings I need to move into soil so they can continue to grow. There is something magical about seeds sprouting. 🙂

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