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Connections: May 6.18


My trowel went limp

my heart flip-flopped

I couldn’t move

was stone-cold stopped.

My gardener’s breath

was stuck mid-throat

at dazzling shock

in shady cote.

If breath-taking beauty

can be perfected

it’s when it happens




Yes, dear reader, another amazement in Someone Else’s Garden! First the lemon-butter narcissus, and now these snowy petals with the blackberry stain. I’ve never even seen a tree peony before, and now I actually have one! (And I didn’t know how much I have food on my mind.)




6 thoughts on “Connections: May 6.18

  1. A tree peony is a luxury and a blessing. Congratulations!

  2. That is absolutely stunning. I’ve never seen it before. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  3. This is beautiful. I’m beginning my day with another one of your wonderful poems.

    • Isn’t that absolutely glorious? There are more blooming now, and I am in total awe. As always, it is exciting to hear from you and to think of you reading my blog so far away. Thanks, Shirah!

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