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Connections: May 2.18


What’s in a hat?

Besides a head, I mean.

Is there stature, haute couture,

or is it mere windscreen?

An identity enhancer

or a scrim to hide behind?

Does it flop or hold up pertly?

Insouciant? Bold? Refined?

Is it cloche or lightly bouncing

on the wearer’s comely pate

or, cockeyed, sit athwart,

like sliding dinner plate?

Is it manly or so dainty,

beribboned or hound’s-tooth?

Does it, placid, enwreathe age

or bob atop some youth?

Ed Norton knew it well:

there’s ipseity in a hat

gracing the cranium royal

or proletariat.



More thanks to the S.W. Berg Photo Archives.








2 thoughts on “Connections: May 2.18

  1. I wish baseball caps had been popular when I was younger because I could have rocked one with my pony tail through the back. Otherwise, I always looked like I had a bowl sitting on my hear. I guess I rocked the Ed Norton look. 🙂

    • Well, now you’ve set me off. I won’t stop laughing until at least the next cup of coffee! But you’ve got me flipping through my brain rolodex trying to remember the singer with the awesome ponytail. Molly Bee? My ponytail didn’t measure up to hers, but mine was respectable, and I do love thinking how we could have rocked the look with the baseball cap. It would have gone so well with the bobby sox and crinolines. (We were so cool.)

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