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Connections: April 28.18


And so it begins


triumphant bow

or nemesis

the garden that was

the one that will be

hover in mind


evolving in increments

slow, heuristic

I allow a trifle




And so, dear reader, with this first purchase,

begins the adventure of turning someone else’s garden into mine.




5 thoughts on “Connections: April 28.18

  1. And, may it be a wonderful adventure. 🙂

  2. Thanks, Judy! I think it will!

  3. I know you’ll enjoy the adventure. Gardening is like horse riding in that leaving a loved garden is like falling off the horse. Experienced riders get back on the horse as soon as they can!

    • Much truth in that. Leaving one’s own garden is very much like hitting the ground hard, and I totally agree that the thing to do is dig in again. I have ordered extra patience from the catalogs so that I can proceed carefully, with a thought for the previous gardener. It won’t do to be too hasty. I trust you recognized my first purchase as a direct result of your narcissus post! Thanks!

      • I didn’t miss the colour, but as I’d thought you’d bought bulbs, was not expecting to see flowers quite so quickly! Bravo!

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