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Connections: March 29.18


I wish I could send you, dear reader, a bit of this morning. We are due for yet another day of rain (have mercy!), but right now the rain is merely a hint, heavy in the air. It is barely day, but there is enough light to make the budding trees crisp against a bland sky. They aren’t moving. The pond is steady glass. The air is early-spring warm and utterly still, as though afraid if it breathed it would cease to be.

I can hear a mourning dove and some kind of chirpy thing, both chanting their Lauds, each in its own way. I can also hear the rainwater draining into the pond, a gurgling antiphonal to the birdsong. There is an occasional car which sounds far away. Mostly I am swathed in quiet. I feel like an intruder, but I stay, also trying not to breathe.

Have you ever wanted to put a moment in your pocket so you could pull it out again when you need it?




4 thoughts on “Connections: March 29.18

  1. This moment has been well and truly pocketed.

  2. What a lovely thought! Something tells me you just might already have a pocketful!

  3. I’d certainly want to pocket that description along with the sounds. Now, just add in the sounds of a piano, and it would be perfect. Happy Easter weekend, Maureen. 🙂

    • Thanks, Judy, and the same to you! I hope you will be celebrating back in your own home, with the long drive behind you. And, yes, I’m working on those piano sounds!

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