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Connections: March 25.18


Face to the wind

I look ahead

goodbye to the old

now the new instead.

It’s a digital thing

unlike my old grand

a sign of the time

like the gnarl of my hand.

But I admit I’m befuddled

in this alien realm:

am I at a piano

or the Enterprise helm?




6 thoughts on “Connections: March 25.18

  1. It does seem very spacey. I misread one of the buttons as harps and mallets. I’m still puzzled by the mallets.

    • I believe the mallets refer to instruments like marimbas, which are struck by mallets. So if I am inspired to play “Jingle Bells” on a marimba, I can do so! Or at least sound as though I am doing so, just by pressing a button or two. Well, I also have to play
      “Jingle Bells.” Then, with another press of a button, I can segue into “Happy Birthday to you” on a harp. (I can see my family running for earplugs now.)

  2. No advice from this non musically skilled individual, but I hope it meets all of your needs and provides you a lot of joy. I hope it is a huge satisfaction once you figure it out. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Judy! I do see some good times ahead. And I can use it with earphones, so I can turn it up to Carnegie Hall volume and keep the concert to myself!

      • My granddaughter bought a keyboard this year and has the earphones. I haven’t had an chance to see it, but that sounds like quite an enhancement. You enjoy it and the rest of the family and/or neighbors don’t complain. πŸ™‚

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