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4 thoughts on “Connections: March 21.18

  1. Those daffodils are my kind of flower! 🙂 I know talking about climate change is polarizing, but can anyone deny that something is changing the weather all over the country? It is kind of scary really. But for now, I’ll hope those daffodils can bring about some change with their salty comments. 🙂

    • AMEN! From their lips to God’s ears. (I’m sure God hears expletives all the time.) I agree that the subject of climate change is polarizing, but I think that we have never more needed the courage to talk about polarizing things. Without being polarized, that is. I know Indiana has changed, but then Indiana’s weather is so goofy that maybe it never had climate and so can’t have climate change. Meanwhile, pass the snow shovel.

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