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5 thoughts on “Connections: March 20.18

  1. I’m not sure I have anything to add except to wonder if fruit season will skip this year. The last time we had such an obvious push and pull seasons change, there was zero peach crop and very few apples. The inconvenience of gardening I can handle, the loss of fruit is another topic altogether. 🙂 Hope you have a marvelous Tuesday. We’re having a severe rain storm which I must admit is interesting to watch roll in on the waves.

    • Really? No fruit season? That is not a thought I can handle. May it not be so! I can kind of imagine the storm on the waves, and I think that would be mesmerizing — seen from a warm, dry place with a cup of good morning coffee, of course. That’s as adventurous as I would be in such a storm. Another Nor’easter is not what folks need at this point. A marvelous Tuesday to you, too, even if a little soggy.

      • It is great to sit here in the chair and look out the large wall of glass to the ocean right outside. As the storm picks up, the waves start getting bigger and crashing louder. When it is really bad, the wind blows them sideways and they make swirls in the sand. It really is something. 🙂

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