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Connections: March 15.18



is a four-letter word

shameless, brazen, uncouth

the dig of a bully’s elbow

 the gnaw of a blunted tooth

it stops the clock on the wall

and renders good company mute

makes us ponder our hangnails

and feel like slow-rotting fruit

impolite, crass and unseemly

intrusive, indifferent to plan

from childhood to dotage it stalks us

intractable bogeyman.



Thanks yet again to the S.W. Berg Photo Archives and the ever-ready camera of the curator thereof.



6 thoughts on “Connections: March 15.18

  1. I don’t like waiting, but especially in that particular environment. Hope all is well with the photographer. 🙂

    • Absolutely! That environment is the worst! I think the photographer is doing OK, thanks. I can’t help laughing — a little — at anyone who can see a photo op in such a place. But he got it right — it sure describes that particular wait.

  2. I hope you are fine


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