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Connections: February 12.18


Icy visage

deck as mirror

transparent message:

winter’s still here.

Encased in numbing

frozen air

the world succumbs

to dark despair.

But wait! What errant

buoy is this?

What harbinger

of warming bliss?

Why does it glower

all grumpy of feather

as though I ordered

this lousy weather?


Yes, robins, dear reader! A red-breasted throng of them on the heels of freezing rain. And all frowning. What did they expect? Palm trees?




2 thoughts on “Connections: February 12.18

  1. Ice and robins make for a good combination because you know spring is not too far around the corner. Gives you hope. 🙂

    • Hope indeed! Also shock. It was a bit mind-boggling to look out the window to check on the ice and see robins — they sure made a grand entrance! They didn’t look too happy, but I was sure happy to see them!

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