In search of story

Connections: February 11.18


Winter wilt

outside and in

we want for spirit


our best mind games

do not suffice

to rise above

the dark and ice

thus the need

for coffee and blog

old plaid flannels

a seed catalog.





6 thoughts on “Connections: February 11.18

  1. That’s a pretty little heuchera. Coffee, blog and seed catalogue should do the trick. I was tempted to drive down to a garden yesterday which is only open a few days each year but allowed the weather to put me off. It’s rain plus brief bouts of hail and snow at the moment, though I imagine nothing that would be worth mentioning by your standards.

    • Rain, hail, and snow? Definitely worth mentioning! Our specialty this weekend is freezing rain. It’s quite a glossy glassy world out my windows. An occasional car crawls by. I’d vote with you on postponing the visit to the garden — that cold rain sounds miserable.

  2. Perfect – good coffee, warm flannels, and a seed catalog. My kind of winter recipe. 🙂

    • Those of us who know winter also know how to escape from it! I grew up in Chicago winters, which might not be quite as bad as New England winters but certainly taught me the virtues of flannel!

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