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Musings on wildlife, continued: February 3.18


They announced themselves in Stravinsky-esque blats over my roof. I rushed to the back door, ready to defend my personal homeland.

And there they were, four monuments to stupidity, clearly dumbfounded and trying not to look embarrassed. It’s frozen, you stupid birds! So much for landing with a splash.

They stood still for several minutes, looking around warily. Did anyone see how stupid we are? When they were assured no one was looking, they settled down in concerted effort to melt the ice with the sheer weight of their foie gras. But it didn’t work, so off they waddled to the riches on shore, aka our back yards, desirous of making breakfast of those riches and of leaving their own riches.

And so did they eventually break through the ice and paddle near me with all deliberateness, eyeing the smorgasbord they thought I had prepared for them.

I have begun to take their brassiness personally. The nerve. Trespassing on my quiet and on my grass. The sound of the amateur French horn is such a match for their manners. I am quite sure at this point that they have their cold beady little eyes trained on me and my house, assessing my defenses.

New home: new world — yes, dear reader?





4 thoughts on “Musings on wildlife, continued: February 3.18

  1. I love watching birds of all shapes and sizes. What I do not love are the deposits they make and leave behind. And, geese are some of the worse droppings to deal with – slippery little suckers. Now you need Yaktrax for the winter, a second pair of shoes for the summer, and a gate to keep them from munching on your container plants. This new house is getting expensive. 🙂 Hope you have a good weekend, regardless of the trumpeting. 🙂

    • Indeed, birds, especially geese, are not known for cleaning up after themselves. Thanks for the tip about container plants — I had no idea geese could be as bad as rabbits! Mercy! A good weekend to you, too, Judy!

  2. I believe they sense your hostility and are out for revenge. 😉

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