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4 thoughts on “January 31.18

  1. I never saw a month I wanted to say goodbye to any more than this January. I walked this morning with a sweatshirt, fleece jacket, winter jacket, scarf, hat, gloves, and jeans. And, when I got to the pier and turned around to head back the wind was in my face. Man, was it cold. But, I made it. 🙂 Here’s to warmer weather for both of us.

    • I’ll drink to that! As to your walking clothes this morning, all I can say is YIKES. You are one hardy soul! As I write this, I spot a little bird on the deck railing barely able to hold on to his feathers in this wind. I have seen a chickadee or two in my months here, but not this kind of bird. I don’t know what it is, but I’ll take it as a good omen for you and me both!

  2. The sky looks positively silver.

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