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Connections: January 27.18


A writer has days

more often than not

when brilliance of insight

ain’t what it ought.

Mental chairs in neat rows

for ideas to be seated

but this is what happens:

nothing, repeated.



Thanks yet again to the S.W. Berg Photo Archives.



4 thoughts on “Connections: January 27.18

  1. You just need a cup of coffee and something sweet to go with it, and those chairs will fill right up. 🙂 I ate a piece of leftover cake, and I’m buzzing away. 🙂

    • Thank you! I value any advice which includes caffeine and sugar! I’ve had proper caffeine at this point, but I might be low on sugar, so I think it’s time to see if the raisin bread has thawed. With enough orange marmalade slathered on it, it might be almost as good as leftover cake! (We are so health-conscious.)

  2. Love it! You filled a seat with this one!

  3. Thank you! And thanks for the laugh — good one!

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