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2 thoughts on “Connections: January 26.18

  1. The winter weather has certainly stopped us this year at various points. I’m sitting here at 7 a.m., trying to read and comment while staring at the water because I heard the dolphins came by early yesterday morning. It’s like looking for a needle – one tiny black spot dipping up and down. No matter how many photos I take I get one small black spot so I’m looking for another chance and want to try a video. They come so close to shore that you’d think they bellies would be hitting the bottom. The wildlife here sure beats the chipmunk and squirrel rodents back home. 🙂

    • Now that would take supreme skills of coordination: reading and commenting on blogs while watching for photo ops with dolphins! I’d go cross-eyed. But it sounds lovely, and just the kind of thing that makes for a good get-away. I cannot agree more that the wildlife you have right now beats the rodent type back home. One of the great things about dolphins is that they don’t mess with your garden. Given your history of great photos, I have no doubt that you are going to get a capture, and I can’t wait to see it on your blog!

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