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2 thoughts on “Connections: January 24.18

  1. I demand you show me that iris. 🙂 You probably remember I have a house plant given to me by a dear friend which is a Walking Iris. It blooms in the winter and the blooms last one day. I knew I stood a good chance of killing the mother plant I left in NH with the 55 degree temps so I took two slips, put them in soil, and brought them with me. AND, I have one bud. It’s like a winter miracle. It will take a while until it blooms, but it will be a beauty regardless of what it looks like. Have a great Wednesday. 🙂

    • Thanks for the laugh! Ah, my memory! Poor thing, I miss it — I don’t remember about your Walking Iris, but I love the name! I do kind of remember your writing about something that bloomed in the winter, but that’s as far as my memory takes me. Nonetheless, I am very excited to hear about the bud! Congratulations! To have this little snip doing so well so far from home would be exciting any time, but it’s particularly so in January — we gardeners need such a morale boost to make it through! I hope there will be a blog post about it some day soon.

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