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4 thoughts on “January 16.18

  1. Beautiful photo. They are expecting an inch of snow here in SC tomorrow. This has been some kind of crazy winter. Stay warm and snug in the new house. 🙂

    • An inch of snow in SC! Whoa! You’re getting this Alberta Clipper, yes? We had a lot of snow yesterday morning, a few squalls in the afternoon, and then in the evening the temperature started down and now we are at a -20 windchill. But 50s this weekend again — some kind of crazy winter indeed! And thanks for the compliment on the photo; I am having a good time with my new camera, which my son rescued from my ignorance.

      • Okay, I read a blog this morning where the grandmother referred to being ‘graced’ with her grandchildren. I thought that was way cool. Now you have ‘rescued from my ignorance.’ It’s a good day regardless of the holidays – I’ve learned two new phrases.

  2. Thanks, but we’re nowhere near even: I am always scrambling to catch some of the gardening things you and your commenters mention. Blogs can be the truest form of Continuing Education! And I agree that “graced” by grandchildren is exactly right.

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