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Connections: January 11.18


It’s a world of mud

outside my door

sodden, spongey

barren bore.

It’s a sky of mud

dark and flat

spitting drip

and dribble and splat.

No light, no color

etc., et al.

so I turn my eyes

to Southern Cal.

Lifting me

to brilliant blue

this silver bonfire

makes me new.

Or is it wave

or maybe wing?

It doesn’t matter;

the sun’s the thing.

In such an image

the light’s outreach

touches me

in winter’s breach.

This bleak faux spring

is quite escapable

as long as I am



Many thanks to the S.W. Berg Photo Archives and the curator thereof for this wonderfully warming photo.


6 thoughts on “Connections: January 11.18

  1. I’m looking out the patio doors as the waves crash upon the sand, but the sun is hidden behind the clouds and it looks like a thick gray mist out there. But, if I go to any store in the area, I can see spring gardening supplies. Makes my pulse quicken. 🙂

    • Thanks for the chuckle. Isn’t it the way? — gardeners can pretty much last through New Year’s, but after that they want back into the garden! NOW! To have those gardening supplies dangled before your eyes when garden season is so long a wait in New England — well, that is too bad. But thanks for another daydream: the waves crashing in the mist. Nice!

      • There are pots of pansies and other cold loving plants already for sale down here. I just know I’m going to have to buy one to only pitch in ten weeks, but for those ten weeks, I’ll enjoy them. 🙂 But, here’s an interesting piece of trivia for you. At home, we have gardening centers that sell plants and all the stuff that goes with them. I thought it would be fun to go visit one down here because they have different plants, but they don’t have them. You google gardening centers and you get Lowes. Hmm.

  2. Lowes? That’s it? That can’t be right! There must be all manner of local garden centers there. Yell at your smartphone and tell it to cough up the rest of ’em! I think you have the right idea about the pansies: buy them and enjoy them while you’re there. What a treat!

  3. Sorry you’re not in San Diego today. Our world was washed sparkling clean by Tuesday’s much-needed rain, and today there’s nothing but bright blue sky!

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