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Connections: December 23.17


A plate of Christmas cookies

is so much more than that

it’s a serving of family history

forebears’ concordat

it’s Grandma’s recipe card

in her distinctive hand

it’s Mom’s poinsettia plate

generational ampersand

connecting younger fingers

with those gone long before

sweet and sticky memories

toothsome family lore.









8 thoughts on “Connections: December 23.17

  1. Perfect! It is that time of year when we remember all those women who came before us and left us with wonderful memories. The cookies look delicious, and the plate, well, the plate is beautiful. Your reference to the handwritten recipe reminded me of one I have of my grandmother’s. It was written in pencil on a small square of lined paper asking if a neighbor would send her a cookie recipe that they had eaten the night before, The note was taken by my mother to school, given to the other girl, and taken home to her mom. Then it made a return route with the recipe written in pencil on the back of the original note. Waste not, want not. 🙂 I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

    • I love the story! And that you still have that scrap of paper shows how important a family recipe can be, especially a handwritten one. I am always grateful for your comments, but today especially so: as I was reading your comment, a word came to me — the word I’d been searching for in my head but couldn’t find for my post. Toothsome! Writing is such a mystery. Why “toothsome” came to me as I was reading your comment I’ll never know, but I went back and changed my post. Thank you for shaking that loose from my brain! And a wonderful weekend to you, too! We are having snow showers, as they say, and the world is slowly turning white. A mere pittance of snow compared to what you get, but that’s just fine by me. Enough to be beautiful but not enough to cause travel troubles. I hope.

      • Toothsome is an old word and you were talking with an old woman. 🙂 We had snow and ice all day yesterday, today is okay, and tomorrow we have a N’oreaster coming through. Thursday when we plan to leave is suppose to have a high of 9 with a low of -9. 🙂

      • Thanks for the chuckle. So that’s how you inspired “toothsome”! It sure looks awful some folks, including those in New England — I’d say it’s a good time to find warmer places!

  2. Love this idea of family cookie recipes connecting the sticky fingers of generations! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. I bet you have memories of some doozies. Right now the white of the morning has given way to Indiana drabs — the snow has gone to puddles, the sky is grey and it’s too early to turn on the Christmas lights. I wouldn’t mind a glimpse of a bougainvillea about now! But the white Christmas looks likely. It could be a beauty!

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