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5 thoughts on “Connections: December 10.17

  1. I had to consult the dictionary for that last one. 🙂 It’s good that you keep me on my toes. We got about 6″ which required shoveling and plowing. It’s all cleaned up, and the sun is shining. Hope you have a lovely day. 🙂

    • Six inches! Wow. I congratulate you on your quick clean-up. We got only an inch or two yesterday, but a blast of cold came with it, so it was instant winter. It’s very pretty, though, especially with the Christmas light. A lovely day to you too!

  2. Yes, “lown” – I had to look that one up too. But it’s perfect. Beautiful. I’m jealous – the first snow of the season is always special. I can only dream of a “white Christmas…like the ones I used to know.”

    • You are so right about the first snow of the season — it’s never ordinary. Today it is melting rapidly, but, as you well know, we’ll have more. You and Bing got it right: those white memories have great beauty.

  3. Lown seems perfect, although Google might be puzzled by the spike in the number of searches for the word you’ve triggered (myself included).

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