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6 thoughts on “Connections: December 3.17

  1. How did you know? My left knee is killing me. This tree and I both need an Aleve and another ice pack. šŸ™‚ Happy Sunday.

    • But then it would be Aleaves, yes? (I couldn’t resist.) I am sorry to hear about that bad knee — it sounds so painful! Oh, these creaking joints! They sure do make themselves known. I hope the meds and ice help!

  2. How literary! I must confess I didn’t remember Fezziwig and had to Google him! Nor was I familiar with the “shady” meaning of umbrageous. My bad. Still enjoying your Oddments – hope you’re getting settled in.

    • Very glad to hear you have renewed acquaintance with Fezziwig — he’s an important part of the season! “Umbrageous” is a gorgeous word, isn’t it? Thanks for reading along — as to getting settled in, yes, with progress measured in millimeters!

  3. Your tree would have fitted in perfectly outside the little dance-diner we visited at New Iberia recently, in the hope of joining (inexpertly) in with some Cajun dancing. If it fancies a vacation, that’s the place it should head.

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