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Connections: November 29.17


There are two kinds of people

which one are you?

do you reach for a rake

or reach for a shoe?

the one must be tidy

(Type A, I daresay)

the other dons kicking shoes

and goes out to play.



Thanks more to the S.W. Berg Photo Archives.


6 thoughts on “Connections: November 29.17

  1. Well…I think I fall into the rake category.

  2. Never thought of this before. Thanks for opening my mind.

  3. I’ve been out kicking them earlier today. I’m just as happy to rake them too, provided (1) they are dry (2) there isn’t a vast field full and (3) it isn’t windy.

    • I so agree about the wind — especially if the leaves are dry. That is one of those combinations that convinces me that Mother Nature is watching and laughing her head off.

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