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Connections: November 19.17


Like wingbeat

a million splashes

each the size of one cricket note

but together rising, falling

in hypnotic patter

tell the time

of in-between

neither fall nor winter

but cradling interlude

to hold the year

one minute.



Dear reader, ever since I started using this new computer, I’ve noticed that the photos in my blogs come and go. Sometimes they’re there, and sometimes they’re not. Please bear with me. I have no idea why the photos sometimes don’t appear. This one is supposed to have a photo in it, but it doesn’t at the moment. Perhaps sometime before the end of time I will figure out what’s going on. Or isn’t going on, as the case may be.


2 thoughts on “Connections: November 19.17

  1. I received a photo included post. 🙂 Hope your holiday week will be a good one and that someone invites you for dinner so you don’t have to find all those dishes and pots. 🙂

    • Thanks, Judy! And the same to you! I’m glad to know the photo came through in this. These machines are enough to drive me to drink — as they say, a short drive, especially now.

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