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Connections: November 10.17


In a stupor, I am here, dear reader. Having spent the last three weeks with my wonderful son and daughter-in-law, two grandkids, two dogs, and two cats, I have arrived in my new house. I have lived here for four whole days.

Aside from a mattress on the floor, a desk, and some miscellaneous chairs, my furniture at the moment is boxes, not a one of which is shin-friendly.

I’m downsizing, which is another way of saying I’m exploring the depths of wishy-washy. My decision-making is not crisp. Maybe there are just too many decisions. I contemplate something and what it will look like in some landfill years hence and still I can’t quite make up my mind about it.

Nonetheless, the pile of flattened boxes grows and gives me hope.

The feels-like temp this morning is 19. My winter clothes are in storage, keeping some boxes toasty warm. They are probably close to the box with my pots and pans, which got buried in the middle instead of the front of the storage unit. Golly gee, I have to get carry-out.

I was mercilessly berated by my family on the matter of my eight-year-old computer. So I got a new one. My poor addled brain is therefore trying to deal with the physical chaos of my surroundings and the virtual chaos of a new computer. Touch-screen? Wireless? All new, all befuddling, all out to get me. I have no idea yet how to manage photos.

Please bear with me. I am on a perilously steep learning curve, and don’t dare look down.


6 thoughts on “Connections: November 10.17

  1. Don’t get close to the edge of anything. 🙂 The boxes, furniture and decisions will all have to be handled by you – no way out of that. I’ve been through so much of that exercise that I now smile all the way to Goodwill – one less thing to dust or one less pot I’m expected to cook with. 🙂 I got a new phone this week. I went from a Samsung to an iPhone so I’ve been spending time on YouTube trying to figure out how to use it. Try finding one or multiples for your new computer, sit back, when you get a chair, and learn all about it. 🙂

    • YouTube!! I never would have thought of that — thank you! And I should write your words on the walls: don’t get close to the edge of anything! Given my amazing no-grace, it might be hard to avoid edges, but I’ll try. I do love your way of looking at “one less thing to dust and one less pot I’m expected to cook with,” and I’m getting there. Good luck with that phone!

  2. I’ve been thinking about you, and am glad to hear that you’re in your new house. I wish you didn’t have to experience the vertigo of the steep learning curve while wishing for your winter clothes and eating take out, but think of the view once you reach the top. Please be gentle with yourself amidst the change and chaos, and I have no doubt you will triumph.

    • Thank you, Bonny! I will keep that in mind: think of the view when I get to the top! That’s a very good way to keep myself plugging along. I do have to remind myself to eat this elephant one bite at a time, and it helps when others remind me too. Thanks for thinking of me!

  3. Hang in there – this too will pass! Downsizing is a good thing – wish I could get started on it!

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