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Connections: October 31.17


My daughter-in-law, dear reader,

in her finest witch’s chic

 flexes imagination muscle

a certified Halloween geek.

Eye of toad and tail of newt

bedeck the living room

it’s the masque of Hallowed Eve

from tip of toe to broom.

Many the middle-aged ghouls

(you mustn’t be naive)

who don’t outgrow the Snickers

or love of make-believe.

I salute them and their spirit

their hatted, robed hilarity

infusing real life

with a little jocularity.



Special Halloween thanks to the S.W. Berg Photo Archives for the header photo today —

and Happy Halloween, dear reader!





2 thoughts on “Connections: October 31.17

  1. I love them as long as they are on her feet. 🙂 Those are a hoot but very stylish especially today. Halloween is an interesting holiday because it seems like you are really into it or not. Trick or Treaters around here go to the subdivisions where the streets are well lit, Mom and Dad can walk along or sit in their cars, and they can catch a lot of houses at one time. We have never, ever seen one come to the house. Hope your grands have a marvelous day. 🙂

    • You’ve never had trick-or-treaters where you live now? I cannot imagine. I don’t know what my new neighborhood will bring, but the old neighborhood was a hoot on Halloween. Thanks for your good wishes — the grands and their parents are mildly crazed already.

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