In search of story

Connections: October 26.17


In smallness

and meditative step

a seeker

toes the grass



a vastness


to share in being.




The woman dwarfed by the tree is my writing mate Tamara. She too wrote about this moment, but in a different way. Since we are all writers here, you might find it interesting to read her reflection (I recommend it):



6 thoughts on “Connections: October 26.17

  1. Thank you for the connection, Maureen. I love the beautiful simplicity (and shape) of this poem. It does great honor to the tree! And I’m grateful that we had a chance to share such a fine afternoon with this magnificent oak.

  2. It was a grand afternoon, wasn’t it? I had started to write about it, then got distracted (there’s a shock), then read your beautiful post about it, and only now have I had the chance to re-visit that time with the tree. I am intrigued by our different expressions.

  3. No green grass here. It is entirely covered by multi-colored leaves. It always looks so strange when there isn’t a blade of grass visible. 🙂

    • You’re sure ahead of us when it comes to leaf-drop. When you can’t even see the grass, you know it’s serious. I believe we have the same love of raking, so I send sympathy!

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