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2 thoughts on “Connections: October 25.17

  1. I had two cats on the farm when I was a kid, my daughter had one for a short time when she was a teen, and my mother had one for many years that she loved dearly.. But, I have to admit I’m not a cat person at this point in my life. No offense meant to anyone who enjoys their company, and in this part of the country where snow causes quite a challenge to walking dogs I can certainly see where a cat would be a perfect pet. See me backpedaling after admitting I’m not a cat lover. 🙂

    • I am not a pet person of any kind. Which amuses my family no end. However, I have met some dogs and cats along the way who have almost changed my mind. I certainly do see the downside of trying to walk a dog in a New England winter — I am sure the Jack Russell who lives here would have none of it. We don’t have to be cat (or dog) people to see how much joy they bring to those who are.

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