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Connections: October 13.17


Economy of words

is not my strongest suit

I’m Irish, blather-minded,

an English major to boot.

But occasionally I’ll do it

say it all in just one word

here’s syllable to prove it

in a box of the absurd.

Packing up my years

forces me to see

in wording and in living

downsizing is the key.






4 thoughts on “Connections: October 13.17

  1. You said the ‘d’ word – downsizing. 🙂 We moved from three bedrooms, four bathrooms, finished basement, attic, and three car garage so we did a lot of that ‘d’ word. It is challenging both physically and mentally. I wish you great success with it. 🙂

    • Thanks, Judy! I cannot imagine whittling down from such a large homestead — I’m overwhelmed with mine, such as it is. I can’t help thinking of Mickey Mouse as the sorcerer’s apprentice, where all those brooms multiplied mysteriously. That seems to be how I acquired so much stuff. Magic! Now if I could just find the magic wand to make it all disappear…

  2. Not only do I like the word (I had to look it up) but I love the lettering. At least things are going into boxes. I thought I had spotted a guinea pig, to my delight, but I fear it is just a giant hamster.

    • I think you’re right: it’s a hamster. On the inside of the card, he dances. So of course I save it! I learned “pfui” from Pogo. Calligraphy amazes me, and I was trying to learn something about it a while back. I practiced on “pfui.”

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