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2 thoughts on “Connections: October 10.17

  1. Can you hear me laughing from way over here? 🙂 Too funny. Those boys of yours don’t realize the bond of a doll and its owner/mother. I have one that looks pretty darn similar except for the really bad wig. Patsy is her name. 🙂 My doll has moved right along with me, and I’m assuming yours is as well. 🙂

    • Patsy! I am quite sure that was one of the names I seriously considered before I settled on the exotic “Mary Ann.” I do hope Patsy will forgive me for laughing at the “bad wig” reference. Yes, Mary Ann and I are moving along together, bless her faithful mildewed heart. She sends her best to Patsy. (And, yes, I heard you laughing.)

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