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Connections: October 4.17


Upheaval and chaos

visual din

hazard to elbow

ankle and shin

finally sold

my house inside-out

I’m up to my ears

what am I about?

am I stressed, twitterpated

sleepless? You bet.

Do I know where I’m going?

No! Not yet!

But life has its moments

of precariousness

we just have to hold on

and slog through the mess.




10 thoughts on “Connections: October 4.17

  1. Wishing you pleasant packing, less stress, minimal chaos, more sleep, a smooth move, and a soft landing in a place you love that feels like home.

  2. I love the comment above. ๐Ÿ™‚ Packing is one thing but not knowing where you’re going takes it to an entire different stress level. Packing is such an up and down thing anyway. You laugh at why you ever bought something, have to stop to remember something else, and maybe shed a tear over something else. It is like traveling through your life. Hope it is going well. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • You hit all nails on their heads. The whole business is an up-and-down kind of thing, and, yes, you sure do see your life pass before your eyes as you pack. I’m thinking of packing myself and seeing if someone else will take over this whole thing and unpack me when it’s over. Yes, Bonny’s comment is beautifully stated — like a blessing.

  3. First step completed – congratulations! I hope you will find the perfect replacement home and that your move will go smoothly. Keep us posted.

  4. Ah, so it truly is congratulations now! Let us know if you need any help.

  5. Oh dear – or rather, well done! I’m adding my best wishes to the wishes stack – make sure to pack them up and carry them with you!

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