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Connections: September 11.17


If dark waters reflect light

does hope persist?

Still on owning darkness

compassion must insist.

If I tell you tomorrow

the sun will surely shine

that makes the loss all yours

and not one iota mine.

I have to share the dark

or my words serve only me

my brilliant advice, my platitudes

condescending mockery.

If I can’t feel with you

your grief and your confusion

the light is mere mirage

a cruel and cold illusion.




We have much loss to face this 9.11 — may we face it squarely.




4 thoughts on “Connections: September 11.17

  1. Deep thoughts on this 9/11. 🙂 But, then again, this world of ours is drowning in deep issues. Happy Monday to you.

  2. You state things so well. To be honest, I have been focusing on losses from weather and wildfires, and hadn’t even considered the date and its associated monumental losses. Your hope that we face loss squarely is not often heard, but it is also the most true and honest way.

    • Thanks, Bonny. You are so right about the fires and floods; they have been overwhelming. Combined with today’s date and with all the non-physical fires and floods, I am thinking we are a lot more battered than we realize. Which is not to say that we don’t have a little backbone left!

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