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Connections: September 7.17


What delicacies, what midnight snacks

are snugly hid away

to be brought out like popcorn

some barren winter day?


What culinary splendor

brined since last July

will extol in mid-December

the art of putting-by?


I recall our cellar of yore

almost as dark and dank

and I think I don’t want to know more

of what’s in their food bank.



More thanks to the S.W. Berg Photo Archives.



2 thoughts on “Connections: September 7.17

  1. The acorns have started dropping which means the rodents will start burying them in the mulch resulting in those oak seedlings that they provide me an opportunity to pull. I pulled some today. What nice guys they are. 🙂 My grandparents had potato and onion bins in the cellar and I’d have to go down to get stuff for dinner. I’d take a deep breath, go as fast as I could, and breath deep again when I got back upstairs and closed the door. I’m not sure how what I thought was going to get me – a giant potato. 🙂

    • I love the image of some colossal Mr. Potato Head thumping after you! But I’d much rather have a giant potato after me than the AWFUL, AWFUL centipedes that dwelt in our cellar. They were so gross! We called it a fruit cellar, though I’m not sure why. Home canning went into it, but that was fruit and vegetables both until my mom and grandma smartened up and got everything from the store. And, yes, I have a memory of your oak sprout count last spring — seems to me it was about a bazillion you pulled up. Indeed those squirrels are ever so nice. Thank you for the laugh!

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