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Connections: August 8.17


 My grandma’s tub had feet

and Olympic-pool-sized feeling

her toilet had a chain

that hung down from the ceiling.

More, the bathroom window

was tall and opened wide

so fresh air and scent of train

could cleanse the room inside.

Now I have this footless


someone mean invented

to taunt and bully me.

It can’t be cleaned without

risking tendinitis

when I fold to fit its contours

it gives me rigor mortis.

It’s called a garden tub

a pity and a shame

someone ought to sue

for slandering garden’s name.

The window can’t be opened

the toilet’s in a box

so I reach way back in memory

where my grandma’s bathroom rocks.







5 thoughts on “Connections: August 8.17

  1. Love this one probably because I remember of what you speak. 🙂 Nice looking tub, but I’d have to wear a swimsuit because the local fire department would have to be on speed dial to get me out. These days, I enjoy a shower because I can walk in and walk out. 🙂 Ah, age, it certainly changes your activities.

    • Thank you! I do love the image of bathing in a swimsuit! And I agree totally that age sure does change activities. It’s nice to know that someone else remembers the bathrooms of the past. They were SO much more fun!

  2. This brings back memories! My Mama’s bath seemed tall and luxurious, but it was made from something more like stone than plastic, so could feel very cold above the waterline.

    • A stone bathtub? It does indeed sound both cold and luxurious; I bet there was an art to filling it with hot water to warm the tub before anyone got in. Of course there’s always an art to a proper bath. Thanks for the shared memory!

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