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Connections: July 22.17


The impatiens on the screened porch

are spluttering, soaked and indignant,

protesting the face full of rain

blasted by winds unbenignant.

You’d think all the thundering torrents

would make this rank air feel better

but the impatiens will attest to the fact

it just gets wetter and wetter.


4 thoughts on “Connections: July 22.17

  1. The impatiens look like they’re thriving off the rain. We have pale blue skies this morning and humidity of 73%, though I don’t think for one moment it will last.

  2. We’ve had humidity in the high 80’s right into the 90’s. It’s been like a swamp out there so I understand. Nice today and then we have some rain coming in for a couple of days. 🙂

    • Alas, “swamp” is the exact right word — and the swamp is in the air! It’s like trying to breathe a swamp! No break here yet, but sooner or later it comes, yes? Glad to hear you’ve got a nice day. It gives me hope!

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