In search of story

Connections: July 12.17


The aging gardener

captured here

tells the story

loud and clear:

sunburn, sweat

arthritic knee

callous, puncture

sting of bee

ideas spawned

by maniac

with creaking


swollen knuckle

blackened nail

back and shoulder

growing frail

in love of plants

all too transparent

oft perceived

as blithe aberrant

and yet withal

a kind of glow

why is that?

who can know?




More thanks to the S.W. Berg Photo Archives.



4 thoughts on “Connections: July 12.17

  1. I LOVE this one, but you knew I would. 🙂 There is something about a seed in the soil resulting in a plant that needs to be tended in order to grow – kind of like motherhood but really sweaty and dirty. 🙂

    • Motherhood isn’t sweaty and dirty? I love the analogy! I so agree about that metamorphosis from seed to flower or fruit or vegetable and back to seed — it is a wonder, just like our kids. And, yes, I was thinking of you as I worked on this, just as much as I was thinking about me. There are lots of us who creak as we garden, I think.

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