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Connections: June 27.17


The library was a bike ride away

back in the day

bumping up


and down


the curbs

back in the day

my kingdom for a basket!

handlebars and books

precarious one-girl circus

back in the day

a tiny place, that library

in a big summer

and the books whispered

take me for a ride on your bike

to that cushy old blanketed couch

in  your cool damp basement

and don’t forget

what this was like

back in the day.





Thanks again to the S.W. Berg Photo Archives.

And thanks also to the Poquoson Library, Virginia, and all libraries!


4 thoughts on “Connections: June 27.17

  1. Love this. 🙂 I used the library extensively during the school year in the city but alas no bike in the city. On the farm in the summer, Betsy, the blue bike, took me everywhere but not the library because that was a little too far. These days, I reserve books on line and drive my car to pick them up. 🙂

    • Betsy!! You named your bike! (“Oh, do you remember Old Betsy the Bike?” — couldn’t help it.) That is wonderful, and now I wish I could go back and name my bikes, though that first one would have had a very unflattering name, I’m sure. What a jalopy. But both my bikes were blue, first the jalopy and then the Cadillac, which had a basket!! I was delirious with joy! Anyway, you sure nailed it with your observation about Here and Now. From Betsy to the Internet. Whew.

  2. I remember this feeling so well! My mother had to drive us to the library, but I took out the ten books I was allowed, starting one on the way home because I couldn’t wait, then reading the remainder while sprawled on the sofa. Sometimes my mother would tell me to go outside, but that usually meant I took my book outside to read. Now I drive myself to the library, but still try to sprawl on the sofa (or even outside) and read as much as possible.

    • Yes! Thank you! –it’s the sprawl! The summer book sprawl! My mom had things to say also, but they mostly had to do with chores (she thought ) I was neglecting. I don’t remember our book quotas, but I do remember the balancing act with one arm carrying the quota and the other in charge of the handlebars; I cut some fancy figure-eights, for sure. As for sprawling, I’m glad to know you still honor the tradition.

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