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4 thoughts on “Connections: June 12.17

  1. Oh, I fear you are right. It’s always sad when a giant like this has to come down when you think about the generations of families it has shaded from the hot sun. And, it is also sad how much money you have to pony up to bring that bad boy down safely. 🙂

    • AMEN to both! We sure can become attached to trees — as we should be. When we have to have them taken down, the hit to our wallets hardly makes things easier.

  2. My sweetheart, who has taught tree surgeons, agrees with you that there’s a definite lack of structural integrity. After spending time in Mississippi, it’s far too common to see a home with the largest party of a tree through a corner of the roof. I hope they can find a way to bring it down safely.

    • I know that look well: the tree through the roof. It’s an Indiana specialty. I too hope this old tree can be taken down safely. It’s given some good year, I suspect.

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