In search of story

Connections: June 11.17


At the corner of Useless and Broken

near the Unresolved/Hopeful junction

a city of storage arises

awaiting its Extreme Unction.

Fragments and miscellany

tethering us to — what? —

the past? a loss? a wish?

a monument to glut?

Irony in cubes:

crowded emptiness

in corrugated sepulchre

I own my need for less.





2 thoughts on “Connections: June 11.17

  1. Okay, I had quite a chuckle at this one for two reasons. When we made the cross country move, I’d haul what I wanted to give away out to the two-car garage (cars were relegated to the driveway). I’d go back out pick a few things out. Go back in a day or so, put them back in the pile along with some others from the house. I’d call a charity – they’d come pick it all up. I’d start over again. I called every charity in KC who would pick up. 🙂 I have one daughter who is not the least sentimental so I’d ask do you want me to keep this. The answer was 99% of the time a really clear ‘no.’ LOL To this day, I start to take something to the attic have that conversation in my head, and drive it to Goodwill. 🙂 And, thank you for renting a storage space because we have some stock in them. 🙂

    • How I do understand that back-and-forth! Too bad there weren’t security cameras posted — or were there? Those would be tapes worth watching! Did you deliberately ask the non-sentimental one if she wanted those things? If so, that was very sly of you. Given my own experience these days, I’d say your investment in storage space is safe!

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