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Connections: June 9.17


  As you know, dear reader, I am trying to ready my house for selling.

I’ve been packing, hauling, sweating, heaving, sorting, tossing,

stressed, sleepless, harried and hassled,

weary, bruised, and cross.

It’s been a long dark tunnel with a tiny light at the end.

My son called. Also a gardener.

They have so many plants left over from the plant sale —

he’s planted all he can —

would I take some?

If you are a gardener, you heard my gasp.

Wasted plants? All those cramped roots longing to stretch?

Gardeners are irrational

so I said sure.

I have so much to do and am so close to being ready to list

but I said sure.

And we had some perfect June days.

I sank my knuckles into the dirt

brushed up against the tomato leaves as much as possible

cooed over the poor cramped marigolds

fussed over the red onions

introduced the new jalapeno to old-timer daylily

pictured the banana peppers next the cherry tomatoes come August

basked in the brief respite from the world’s chaos

and my own

and now have the prettiest little kitchen garden you ever saw.


— go figure —

for someone else.








8 thoughts on “Connections: June 9.17

  1. Now all you need is a ‘looker’ with a green thumb, and it will be sold. We haven’t had to list and sell a house in a while, and I hope I die before I have to do it again. No kidding – I hate it. I pray you get a qualified buyer in the first few weeks (days would be better but I have to be realistic). 🙂

    • Thanks, Judy! I certainly understand the hope to die before going through this again. Glory be, it’s such a tangle of loose ends! It would be nice if a gardener bought this place — I could leave knowing my worms would be happy.

      • Before we made the cross country move, we ‘sold’ a huge house, 5 car garage, carriage house, and 10 acres. We signed the documents, went home and started packing and sold our family room furniture and rugs. Only problem was, the buyer didn’t show up to sign on the dotted line, and we had to put it back on the market with furniture and rugs gone and had to unpack boxes. One of the top three worst experiences of our married life. The next two small homes/condos here sold fast.

      • Angels and saints! I can’t even imagine such a nightmare! And on top of the whole trauma of parting with a home. And what a home that must have been! So glad to hear that subsequent sales were less painful!

  2. You’ll get to enjoy them as long as you’re there and if the person who buys it is not already a gardener when they arrive, perhaps the move will change all that.

  3. I know how hard it is to resist the cries of plants needing a home, which is why I avoid garden centers these days. And yes, this may be the perfect enticement for your buyer. Lovely!

    • Thank you! I hope you’re right about the enticement. And you are SO smart to avoid garden centers — those little plants know how to whimper and look up at you with those practiced Precious Moments looks. They know what they’re doing.

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