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4 thoughts on “Connections: June 7.17

  1. I could make this into a billboard sign and put it anywhere on my property. 🙂 They are a major pain in my gardening butt – year after year. I guess if you don’t have flower beds,, don’t have planters, don’t have veggies or fruit, don’t like to leave your garage door up, don’t mind raking acorns, don’t mind pulling up buckets of sprouted acorns, they might be considered cute. If I never saw another chipmunk or squirrel, I’d be a happy woman. 🙂 Yes, this is one of my major gardening hot button, and you connected. LOL

    • LOL here too. A pain in the gardening butt! How succinctly put! Given my manic push to get my house on the market, this invasion is not received by me with equanimity, and the critter guy is due here this morning with his traps. Won’t that be a nice homey touch for prospective buyers? I like the idea of making yard billboards — kind of like the old Burma-Shave signs?

  2. Yes! What a plan! I hooted when I got to “death traps,” and I’m sure by now my neighbors are wondering what I’m about this morning. Or maybe they’re always wondering what I’m about.

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