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Connections: May 25.17


It’s a two-rabbit morning

the clover fresh and sweet

crisped by morning rain

the neighbors can’t compete.

My back yard’s never treated

as lawn, it’s a disgrace

but as alfresco salad

it’s a four-star eating place.

So I allow them peaceful dining

so grossly appetited

until they eye my garden

when they are promptly disinvited.



6 thoughts on “Connections: May 25.17

  1. Look at that green grass! I bet they’re happy. Hopefully, this keeps them away from your garden.

    • Hi! While there might be a token blade of grass here and there, it is mostly dandelions and clover. Any grass is purely accidental. The front yard is the lawn, my tithe to the gods of suburbia.

  2. Green is green right? And, we don’t treat our lawn either. May they enjoy breakfast but leave your garden alone. 🙂

    • Amen! I must keep close watch on them because they are very sneaky sometimes and kind of inch their way toward the dill as they eat their way through the clover. But I’m on to ’em. You are very right that green is green, especially after these rains!

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