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Connections: May 14.17


Mothers’ Day

ruins May

makes everybody loony.

The malls’ barnyards

Hallmark cards

make every mom cartoony.

Pressure’s on!

Don’t diss your mom!

It’s no time for ambivalence!

It’s worse than December

we forget to remember

our moms taught us common sense.

It’s supposed to be fun

not a grueling run

a marathon test of endurance

it’s not what’s bought

is what was taught

by maternal jurisprudence.

Yes, dear reader, this portrait of ebullient motherhood is my family, circa 1943.

The photo is a bit off-kilter, but then so were we.


4 thoughts on “Connections: May 14.17

  1. Nice photo with I’m sure good memories of those strong women. ๐Ÿ™‚ I wish the retail industry didn’t make Mother’s Day such a big deal. The retail lead up to the day results in a wonderful day for some but a real disappointment for others. Personally, I think any woman who brought a child into the world, kept them physically and mentally safe for 18 years while providing educational and socializing opportunities ought to be recognized for their efforts. Here’s hoping you have a marvelous day with your family and that it includes lots of smiles, hugs, and laughter. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks, Judy! I hope the same for you! The reality, however, is that my day will be spent surrounded by mounds of used kleenex and tea bags. I have a spring cold. This was not in the plan! I totally agree with your thoughts about Mothers’ Day. It’s really been distorted. I hope you are coming out of that long period of rain and grey and that sunshine will be one of your presents today!

      • On the other side of the state, they had 3″ of snow this morning. Can you believe it? Here it is cold and pouring rain right now and is forecasted to do so the entire day. BUT, then we are dry for several days and it will be in the upper 80’s on Thursday. Global warming? Huh – I think we are living it. So sorry to hear you are fighting a cold which through the ages never changes – we just have to wait for it to go away. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. SNOW??!!! That is so discouraging! And you still have cold pouring rain? Unbelievable! Yet 80s on Thursday. I hope Mother Nature is having a good time toying with New Hampshire like this, and I furthermore hope that she has a glorious summer in store for you. You’re right about the cold — just have to wait it out. But I don’t have to be cheerful about it, do I?

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