In search of story

4 thoughts on “Connections: May 11.17

  1. Some days you cause me to think and google words – today was one of those. 🙂 Gorgeous photo, and green is definitely the color of the day.

    • What ever would we do without google? I’m glad you can see some green there despite the dark weather. Here it looks like Ireland, all green below and grey above. Maybe it’s the same there. I do hope we’ll both dry out soon. Glad you liked the photo! That was from my walk in the park yesterday — I was trying to escape the boxes for a while.

  2. Just yesterday I was admiring the new green growth “plumped with light” on our pine tree and thinking about how to describe it; you have done it beautifully! And like Judy, I had to consult the dictionary for several words, but that only adds to my pleasure in reading your poetry. Thank you!

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