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Connections: May 6.17


When onions and basil

tickle your nose

and geranium fire

crackles and glows

when dianthus and peppers

salad burnet

waft up a heavenly

eau de toilette,

when honey is jarred

from local clover

you’ll know this soggy dark

spring is over!

(It WILL be over some day, won’t it?)

Many more thanks to the S.W. Berg Photo Archives.



2 thoughts on “Connections: May 6.17

  1. I sure hope so, but it’s not any time soon on our weather map. We’ve had one sunny day in the last six. Today is another rainy dark day. I just watched the weather forecast which is for all of the same for the next 10 days.

    • Oh, no! That is horrible! We saw the sun for a couple hours yesterday before it went down. It’s gone again, of course, but that brief sighting was most welcome! Still I can’t help wondering if we’re all going to turn into moles. You sure have my sympathy.

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