In search of story

Connections: May 2.17


Winsome cheery lawn stars

festive bright ground swag

pretending not to be

pestilence and plague.

Thanks yet again to the S.W. Berg Photo Archives.



5 thoughts on “Connections: May 2.17

  1. Years ago, when we lived in subdivisions, I remember going along and digging each of those out of the yard, filling with soil, and adding grass seed. Now, I look at them and think isn’t it wonderful that someone sent me a bouquet of yellow flowers. 🙂 I have weeds that annoy me a lot more than them now. 🙂

    • I am in awe of anyone who would tackle dandelions like that — you were a serious foe of the dratted things! And now to see them as a bouquet of yellow flowers — well, such is the wisdom of the experienced gardener. And, as always, just so does gardening mirror life.

  2. I was in the woods yesterday evening looking for bluebells and noticed that though there were flowers around, all the best-looking ones were dandelions.

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