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Connections: April 9.17


Finally it came

the year’s first gardening day

I could barely stand the joy

and rushed right out to play.

Dirt and weeds and grass stain

fingernails all grody

I troweled a happy beat

to chorus nematody.



6 thoughts on “Connections: April 9.17

  1. We are in the throes of mud season. I can barely step on the brown grass without sinking in. I will hopefully get out there towards the end of the week to pick up downed branches, but that is about the extent of it for right now. We still have a lot of snow melting, and melting is a great word. đŸ™‚

    • Groan. Snow mud is SERIOUS mud. I hope your first gardening day won’t be too far distant. Gardeners’ cabin fever is the worst, and I suspect New England gardeners have it bad. But, yes, melting is good!

  2. Your word choice is brilliant! Today looks like a lovely gardening day for me, and I’m going to be looking out for my “chorus nematody”!

    • Thanks, Bonny! I hope you do indeed have a lovely gardening day, and with all those seedlings that must be sprouting there by now I think you will be very busy planting. (Can’t wait to see the clematis!)

  3. Happy first gardening day – hope you enjoyed it. The trouble is with gardening, afterwards you might find you can barely stand for another reason!

    Your worms picture reminded me of trying to ‘rescue’ some worms I found yesterday congregating under a watering can on some decking. Two squeezed themselves out flat into the grooves so I could not get them. It was a really neat trick.

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