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Vagaries in Gestation: On Being Linear, Part V, April 5.17


The pillow of an insomniac

cleaved by her back

tells of her vigil

sitting upright

in the black cold syrup

of slow minutes

the hour of the wolf

they call it

because it stalks the weak

because it devours

nothing changes in her grey room

but behind her eyes

the pageant of life

and death

rehearsing every misspoken line

rebreathing every choked breath

rewalking every unknowable path

sitting up

but wandering


amid the masks and powdered wigs



and mimes.

Vagaries in Gestation


2 thoughts on “Vagaries in Gestation: On Being Linear, Part V, April 5.17

  1. Okay, this is pretty deep. You must have been awake all night. πŸ™‚ Whenever I have to set an alarm, like for this morning, I sleep even less than I normally do which is pretty bad. No one ever told me about the golden years and insomnia. πŸ™‚

    • Absolutely. Setting that alarm is a sure sign of bad sleep coming. As bad as these golden years are for sleeping, the problem is nothing new for me. Insomnia runs in my family and that’s why it’s part of my linear theme. Eventually I hope all these will make sense. Thanks for commiserating!

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